13th Day Dhoom 3 Total Collection Box Office Report

In this article you are gonna read: Dhoom 3 Vs Jai Ho Comparison which is hit & flop. Total collection of Dhoom 3, i.e thirteen day collection report.

Dhoom 3 is going very fast to achieve the target of ₹400 crore worldwide total collection. The last year, 2013 proved good for Bollywood industry and so does for Dhoom 3. This Amir Khan action thrilling film has shattered all records. The 13th day total collection of Dhoom 3 has now reached to ₹241.92 crore. Dhoom 3 is now just ₹2 crore behind to thrash the total collection record of Krrish 3. The lifetime collection of superhero franchise film, Krrish 3 was ₹244 crore in domestic market. Read on to know if Jai Ho hit or flop.

Trade Analyst tweeted on 1st January, and now the updated figures of Dhoom 3 are:

Hindi –  ₹ 51.41 cr

Total: Hindi ₹ 230.38 cr

Tamil & Telugu – ₹ 1.53 cr.  Tota

Total – Tamil & Telugu ₹ 11.54 cr.

Grand total: ₹ 241.92 cr

Dhoom 3 Vs Jai Ho


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There is no doubt that it would be very hard to break Dhoom 3 records. Every one is now expecting that Salman Khan’s starrer Jai Ho might break the record of Dhoom 3. However, some trade experts believe that it is very difficult that Jai would break the record of Dhoom franchise film.

They believe, that this third thriller of Dhoom series got the benefit of festive period, as people went our to watch the movie with their family on Christmas and New Year Eve. Not only festive season was the reason behind movie’s success, but the movie also got the benefit of being released solo, as no big budget film released with Dhoom3.

Only Mahabharat 3D animation film released one week after Dhoom 3’s release date, i.e 27th December, but that film was mainly targeted to kids, so this animated film could stop Yash Raj Banner film from making money on box office window.

Apart from these benefits, trade pundits thinks that Dhoom 3 was a popular franchise, on the other hand Jai Ho is a new film and it is releasing on 24th January, and Republic Day is on Sunday, so the makers of the movie will face loss of one holiday.

As there is now 2-3 days holidays for Jai Ho, it would be hard to break record of Dhoom 3, unless the makers of Jai Ho release their movie in more than 4500 screens and hike the price as the makers of Dhoom 3 did. This is the only way that Jai Ho could surpass the figure set by Dhom 3.

But the lead actor of Dhoom 3, Amir Khan doesn’t agree with the trade analysts, He believes that Jai Ho can easily break the record of Dhoom 3. Interacting with media, he said “I think Jai Ho movie can break the record of Dhoom 3.”

Well, whether or not Jai Ho break the record of Dhom 3, it’s only time can tell, till then we have to wait for 24th January.

Dhoom 3 – 13 Day Total Collection

The thirteen day collection of Dhoom 3 was approx ₹7 crore. Now the film stands at ₹241.92 crore. The film is likely to break the record of Krrish 3 (₹244 cr) by the end of third week. After crossing ₹244 cr figure, Dhoom 3 will become the highest grosser Bollywood film as of now.

Current Highest Grossers:

1. Krrish 3 – ₹244 Cr

2. Dhoom 3 – ₹241.9

3. Chennai Express – ₹227 Cr


Jai Ho Movie First Day Total Income/ Collection is just ₹17.50 crores, which is not a good amount seeing that it’s Salman Khan’s movie. So, even the movie has many days to run at box office, from 1st day earning report of Jai Ho, one thing is clear that this Salman Khan’s movie is not gonna break record of Chennai Express, Dhoom 3 and Krrish 3. And we can safely say that if we compare Dhoom 3 with Jai Ho, Jai Ho movie will be proved flop, while Dhoom 3 will be called super hit.

Stay tuned for latest updates from Dhoom 3 movie, till then please share these total collection figures. Please share your views if you liked the Dhoom 3 Vs Jai Ho analysis.


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